admissions process

The application process is focused on getting to know you, your needs, and your desires for support. In addition, we want you to walk away knowing exactly what the expectations would be for you if you came to live here. While each girl has different reasons for applying to Saving Grace, the steps involved in the application process are the same for everyone.  


Here's some of the things that we'll ask you to do: 


  • Fill out the Application (click here).

  • Submit a confidential Record Release form.

  • Come for a tour of Saving Grace.

  • Sit down with us for an Interview.

  • Wait for an invitation or referral. 


While you're doing the things above, we'll be doing the following:


  • Talking with the references that you give us.

  • Gathering your records, as applicable.

  • Making a team decision​ about your application.

  • Communicating with you about this decision and offering you an invitation or referral. 


PRintable forms

* The average length of time from application to move-in is approximately 2 weeks
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