for the helpers

To the social workers, advocates, church family, and caring neighbors, THANK YOU for standing in the gap for a young woman that you care about!


Many individuals in our community have been where you are. You want to provide support for a young woman in need of a solid foundation in her life, but you're not in a place or position to provide this support for her yourself.

The need is easy to see, but finding the solution can be difficult. For the young woman who is already seeking refuge with you, there is an alternative. 

Saving Grace may be a viable option for her!

With that said, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you talk with her regarding our program:


  • She may need help accessing forms for the application.

  • She will need to be self motivated and should personally complete the application. Please do not fill the application out for her. 

  • Taking those first steps through the doors of Saving Grace can be a little scary. We welcome you to come take the tour with her.

  • We believe in the values of both teamwork and confidentiality and have to balance these things in the application process. We can't share information with anyone who's not listed as a reference on her application. 


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