JANINA . . . Psalm 147:3 reads: “He heals the broken-hearted, binding up their wounds.”  When reading this verse it reminds us of Janina.  A young women who joined our community a little over two years ago, with just a few belongings, and yet countless wounds that ran deep in places of her heart that one might never want exposed.  When she came she struggled to make eye contact with others, perhaps out of fear that they would see her hurt and not know what to do with it.   But before too long, Janina not only developed relationships with strong women of faith, she was introduced to the true healer, the mender of all things.  And she let Him stitch her back together with strands of unconditional love, grace, and confidence.  Before too long, she was His and He was hers! Earning a degree in Pharmacy Tech enabled Janina to both make a living and save up money for her eventual transition from Saving Grace.  When the time came, though, this money was used to cover the expenses of a missions training program in Florida. . . an experience that would turn her world upside-down!  God continues to beckon Janina to meet the needs of those who are broken and in need of a Saviour who can mend their hearts as well.    


What does the future hold for Gigi?

While Gigis hands may often be found clinging to the straps of a fancy camera, they can also be found reaching down to a child in need at the preschool where she works. Her desire/plan is to save up enough money to eventually return to Thailand, a country that most certainly has a piece of her heart.  She would like to pursue work in a mission-related field and I’m sure would appreciate your prayers as she steps out in faith to do just this. 

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