JONAH  . . . Many people with hurt and disappointment in their life build walls around their heart—brick by brick by brick.  Jonah was given plenty of reasons to build up these walls of protection, and the hurt she experienced was enough mortar for anyone who would want to secure a fortress.  We have been so privileged to get glimpses of her heart, her entrusting us with little pieces here and there.  Over time, we witnessed her taking down these walls and using the bricks to lay out a solid path for her life instead. (Let’s just call it her very own yellow brick road!). 


What does the future hold for Jonah?

Currently, Jonah is providing love in the form of support and accountability to young women at Immerse—a program similar to Saving Grace in Little Rock.  In addition to her RA role, she is a full-time student at the U of A, Little Rock.  She is majoring in Deaf Interpreting and Deaf Education, with a minor in History.  It really gives us goosebumps to know that she will be dedicating her life to giving people a voice.  Then again, it really shouldn’t surprise us . . . she’s pretty phenomenal!

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