LOVELLE . . . It’s no doubt why Lovelle chooses to go by her middle name, meaning “fierce.”  She has had to demonstrate a level of fierceness many times in her life, particularly as she hopped from couch to couch attempting to make a life for herself —13 different places in 2 years time, in fact.  She has clothed herself in fierceness as she's fought through the pain and healing associated with hurt she experienced growing up, and she has had to show determination as she put herself back into school after dropping out at the age of 15. She would be the first to say, however, that this strength and fierceness has not been of her own doing.  As she has said, “I am full of imperfections and mistakes but blessed by God’s amazing grace.” 


What does the future hold for Lovelle? 

Lovelle is one of the most goal-driven people we’ve met and will stop at nothing to chase after a dream of hers.  After running from her problems for so long, Lovelle decided to invest her time in a different kind of running and is currently working toward completing a marathon—she just finished a half-marathon this year with the help of Dr. Maass (board member and trainer extraordinaire).   We may have to take up a collection for new shoes if she keeps this up!  Lovelle’s ultimate desire is to get her bachelors degree in a human services related field and make a difference in the world around her.  Well, Lovelle, mission accomplished.  She has already made a difference in all of us, and for that we are grateful.  

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