MEKA . . . We are so glad that Meka decided to take a chance on us.  We have been so honored to watch her “run the race” of perseverance in pursuit of God’s heart and the healing of her own.  A tiny heartbeat beneath the surface of a growing belly has shown us what true sacrifice looks like . . . adoption.  A pair of scissors in the hands of a trained expert have shown us what true beauty looks like . . . fulfillment of a dream to become a cosmetologist.  Meka is truly breaking the cycle of poverty and broken relationships—something not just anyone can do.  She may have spent most of her life bouncing from one state to another with no long-term friends or close family, but we are glad that she has found her "home sweet home" in Northwest Arkansas—among friends and new-found family.


What does the future hold for Meka? 

Her biggest dream is to be debt free and save up enough money to open up her own salon.  She has already paid off some of her debt and is working steady hours at a local salon where she is getting a great start in cosmetology.  She has plans to move into her own apartment once she has a steady income and enough money in her savings for “rainy days.”  

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