ASHLEY is a source of inspiration to so many people who have reason to live by fear instead of faith.  In a world that evokes the “fight or flight” response in so many, she is not one to back down from a challenge, but instead steps up to the plate when it’s required.  She has braved the waters of change and difficulty with courage and determination.  Some wonder if she's ever taken a sick day in her life or has ever turned down a promotion out of fear of the commitment involved.  She has been a steady and loyal worker and has earned the respect of so many around her.  


What does the future hold for Ashley?

Ashley has gone from financial crisis in the face of a flat tire to being able to drive a car that is paid for in full—good tires and all!  She is facing the future with a plan and with a support system that desires nothing but to love and protect her.  When asked about what she wants to accomplish in the next couple years, Ashley shared that she would like to transition from the local Wal-Mart store to home office.  Her biggest dream is to travel and to have a best friend that will stick with her through thick and thin.  Now, those are the dreams of someone who has decided to do better than just survive!   



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