KIMBERLEY is a firecracker, for sure . . . but not in the way some might interpret that statement.  She has a special and beautiful magic all her own and lights up her surroundings with an array of magnificent talents, personality, and love for others.  The one thing that makes her different than a firework, though, is that her impact on others does not dissipate over time. . . it only grows stronger.  Of course, this is what happens when you let God have your heart.  While entrusting Him with this treasured possession has been difficult, we count it a blessing that we’ve been witness to His transforming power in Kimberley's life. 


What does the future hold for Kimberley? 

While Kimberley has been in a place of her own for nearly three years, it is evident that a piece of her heart remains at Saving Grace.  Just like true family, she returns home on a regular basis . . . and she is always welcome home.  After nearly two years as a manager of a local retail store, Kimberley transitioned to a new store in the Promenade.  In the next two years she hopes to finish her college degree and have a novel in the works for publishing. 

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