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Executive Director & Founder

Hey! I'm so happy you stopped by! 

In my role as Executive Director, I have the most beautiful honor to share stories of "Grace" as she works hard to change her life, and how in the process God does a mighty work in her heart—she becomes a world changer. The brave steps she takes, will impact lives for generations to come! God does that work through YOU and ME, TOGETHER, as we co-serve this community!

This little tribe has my heart. I love everyone involved, from our volunteer board members to the girls and community we serve, and every person who shares their gift of support. I truly believe we are ALL in this TOGETHER. We do hard work around here and God does the heart work—not only with the girls we serve, but every staff and volunteer as well!


I'd love the opportunity to come and share inspiring stories with your group! Please reach out at to schedule time for a visit! 


—God's grateful girl.


Director of Development

Hi, friend! My name is Cherri (like the fruit!) and I have been with Saving Grace since August of 2015. 

My role in Development allows me the JOY of telling you about what God is doing through the ministry of Saving Grace and invite you to join us in supporting this work through your financial gifts and through prayer! 

Lives are changing here, and those changes require funding—but at Saving Grace, we look at raising money a little differently!
We know that it's the Lord who inspires generosity in His people and ultimately, HE provides everything we need to ensure the future of our program and the success of the young women who call it home.

It’s my honor to help set the stage for growth, share with you the stories of “Grace”, who is changing her life for generations to come, and point the Glory back to God, because He's the TRUE Healer of hearts and Changer of lives! 

I’d love to talk to you about ways we
can partner together to break the cycle
of poverty for young women in
Northwest Arkansas!
Email me at

Jenna Dickey

Director of Operations

Hi! My name is Jenna and I have been with Saving Grace since November 2018! 

Hands down, I have the best gig! 
Part of my role here is to support our incredible staff! We jokingly refer to me as “Human Resources”, but the fact of the matter is that I truly have a heart for these women and I’m dedicated to making sure I can empower them with all the tools they need to succeed!

In addition to being our team’s advocate, I’ve also been given the incredible privilege to manage the financial resources of Saving Grace—and I take your trust seriously!

With every penny YOU give to help change the lives of young women, WE give thanks! It’s my honor to ensure that we are living out our mission as good stewards of the good gifts God provides through YOU! 

Please accept my heartfelt “thanks!” for serving these amazing young women
with us—YOU MATTER!

Questions? Reach me by email any time, at


Program Director

Hi, I’m Wendi!

After serving for 3+ years as a Saving Grace mentor, I stepped into the role of
Program Manager at the end of 2018.
I am so grateful to get the opportunity to serve our Lord while locking arms with the Saving Grace girls and mentors!

Here at Saving Grace we believe,
if “Grace” can’t see it, she can’t be it!
And that’s my job precisely, to help Grace ‘see what she can be’ by helping to plan
and execute impactful Life Skills Classes, dream about and prepare for independent living, and my personal favorite—pairing Grace with her cord of three mentors!

Our mentors are fierce, brave, and kind women like YOU who choose to mentor Grace for LIFE! Yes, I said life!

If you have questions about our program, are interested in helping with life skills classes, or have a desire to mentor,
I’m your girl. :)
Give me a shout anytime!


Program Coach

Hi! My name is Maggie Powers! 

I'm the Program Coach here at Saving Grace. I have the opportunity to work closely each week with "Grace." I love to celebrate her wins and work with her to aim high! 


It is really special to be a part of empowering these young women to dream.
Dreaming is a sacred space and it gives purpose to making goals. 

I work to support their goals and assist them in following through. These women are both fierce and lovely, and their goals and dreams are incredibly inspiring. 


It is beautiful to see our NWA community link arms for "Grace" as she battles to thrive and create generational change. 

You can reach me by email at


Development Coordinator

Hello! I’m Crystal! 


My role as Development Coordinator for Saving Grace allows me to work with the Development Team to assist with financially ensuring that “Grace” receives the very best care and support during her time here. 


God has beautiful plans laid out for every woman who walks into this program, but it takes a village to help each one of them fulfill those plans.


I am honored to help connect that village through fundraising, marketing, public relations, and prayer.  


If you would like to know more about giving opportunities with Saving Grace, you can reach me by email at


Community Coordinator

Hello, friend! I'm Kamber.


My role as Community Coordinator is truly the best of both worlds! Not only do I have the opportunity to get to advocate for  “Grace” and see the ministry in action within our walls, I also get to foster relationships and build connections for her within our incredible community.

Our community is the hands and heart of this ministry, and we cannot do it without YOU!  


I invite you to come serve with us! From our mentors, to our volunteer office team, our incredible work groups, and everyone in between, the Lord continues to bless us with remarkable individuals with a genuine desire to love and serve "Grace" well, and we need you!


Contact me today to schedule a tour of the Saving Grace home. I would love to get to know YOU, learn about the unique gifts the Lord has given you, and share how you can serve "Grace" with us! 

our board

Sarah Hickman Gillmer

James Vawter

Dr. Angela Hines

Cookie Parker

Lisa Chambers Garcia

Keith Helton

Natalie Dodd

Patrick Curry

Raynisha Robinson

Ashley Goss

Mauri Myers

Pastor Jonathan Watson

Stephanie Riffle
Brandi Mallard

Charles Greathouse

Kent & Becky Shaffer (ex-officio)

founding board

Brian Looney, President

Kerri Young, Vice President

Andrea Parker, Treasurer

Jennifer Newell, Secretary

Brent Young

Jake Newell

Kent Reeves

Jack Galbraith

Karen Weiler

Dr. Bob & Misty Wilson

Chris & Tiffany Savage


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