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Chrysalis Scholars are brave and fearless young men and women who choose to pursue higher education despite challenges that may exist.  Eligible participants are those who have experienced foster care and wish to pursue a form of higher education. More specifically . . .  

To become a Chrysalis Scholars Program you need to be ONE of the following . . . 

  • 15-17 year old in Foster Care and involved with Transitional Youth Services through Benton, Washington, Carrol, Madison, and/or Lewis County DHS; 

  • 18-21 year old who has elected to remain in Foster Care and is interested and/or enrolled in a higher education institution. 

  • 18-25 year old with a previous experience in Foster Care who is interested in and/or enrolled in a higher education institution. 

"Participation by Choice" Policy 

Participation in the Chrysalis Scholars Program is not a requirement of DHS, your caseworker, or Transitional Youth Services Coordinator.  We will ask to work closely with these support persons (if you are still in foster care) in order to make sure that you are getting what you need to meet your educational goals.   Also, while we do ask our Scholars to sign a "Committment to Excellence" in order to receive the perks and supports we offer, you are free to walk away at any time.  No strings attached. 

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